A formal assessment process is different from a clinical assessment, which occurs naturally through your therapy sessions and is used to inform your treatment planning.  A formal assessment process typically involves three phases, which should be completed within a two month period to maintain recency of results.  The phases are outlined below. 


Intake Phase

This is usually one session, and typically takes 60 minutes.  During this session, relevant background information is gathered.  It is helpful if you are able to bring in any relevant school reports and any other supporting/relevant information (“collateral information”). 


The information from this session informs what assessments will be required to be administered to you.  During this session, we formalise the “referral question”.  This is important because it is the question that my report aims to answer.  This will be discussed with you. 


Assessment Phase

This phase involves administering psychometric assessments to you and other assessments to any “informants” required.  An informant is an individual who knows you well, who can provide information about you to support and inform the assessment process. 


Generally, the assessment sessions can be one hour to three hours, depending on the client (i.e., allowing for the impacts of fatigue).  It is likely that there will be more than one session, however again this will be discussed with you during the intake session. 


Feedback Phase

The feedback session is the final session, which is 60 minutes in duration, and will usually be set down the week following receipt of the last assessment piece.  This session is where the results and report are shared with you.

The clinic is based in North Brisbane in Everton Park. To get in contact, call 0486 028 593


Types of Assessment

Kylie can assist with the following assessments for both adults and children (aged 6+):

  • Specific Learning Disorders, such as dyslexia and dyscalculia

  • Intellectual Impairment (including IQ and functional assessment)

  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders


Cost of Assessment

Please feel welcome to contact us to enquire about the cost of assessments. The cost of assessment considers the minimum amount of time and materials required for a standard assessment process, and may vary on a case by case basis.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that the results of any assessment will lead to funding, support or any other such outcomes. 

If you would like a specific assessment, and it is not mentioned here, please feel welcome to contact us to discuss your requirements.